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Dental Implant Residency

Meets the RCDSO Qualifications for Basic Implant Training in Ontario

Dental Implant Residency Ontario
Module 1: Online
Module 1


  • Rational of dental implants

  • Biomechanics

  • Medical evaluation of the dental implant patients 

  • patient preparation

  • local anaesthesia

  • Medically compromised patients

  • postoperative pain management

  • Applied anatomy for dental implants

  • Osseointegration and bone response to loading

  • Risk evaluation and required documentation

  • Case presentation to the Patient and consent form

  • Treatment planning

  • Prosthetic options in implant dentistry

  • Treatment options in implant dentistry

Module 2: Surgical Principles (3 days)
Module 2

Hands On

  • Bone Density (D1-4 wood blocks)

  • Incision and suturing (on model)

  • Single Tooth Implant Placement (on model)

  • Socket grafting (on model)

  • Implant placement in esthetic zone (on model)

  • Extraction, immediate implant placement, regular implant placement, basic bone grafting, incision/flap design/suturing (on pig jaw)

Module 4: Live Patient Surgery (2 days)
Module 3
Module 3: Prosthetic Principles (2 days)
Module 4

Hands On

  • Impression techniques

  • Workshop (Conventional and digital)

  • Fabricating custom healing abutment 

  • Occlusion

  • Case acceptance

  • Implant exposure and stability check

  • Osstell or Penguin

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