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Bone Summit 2022: Sinus Augmentation & Ridge Expansion "State of the Art". Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) Days

Date: Nov 18-20 2022

CE Points: 21

Location:  660 Petrolia Rd., North York, ON M3J 2P4

AGD Subject Code: 690

Breakfast, Break and Lunch Included

Faculty: Dr. Ehab Moussa , Dr Maurice Salama

Limited Seating Hands on Course


Bone Summit 2022.png

Salama- Sinus + Ridge Split Day: Nov 18 

Course Description:


The maxillary and mandibular posterior edentulous region can present a challenging condition for dental implant placement. Whether it be the pneumatization of the sinus cavity in the maxillary posterior region or thin bone patterns due to resorption in both the maxillary and mandibular regions, the amount of bone necessary for an implant supported restoration may be compromised. These problems can be overcome by sinus grafting procedures, guided bone regeneration (GBR) techniques/materials, and/or ridge expansion/splitting in horizontally compromised situations.


For the posterior maxilla, dental implant reconstruction for advanced alveolar ridge atrophy has become possible through bone grafting procedures involving the maxillary sinus. This procedure involves augmentation of either the internal or the external aspects of the sinus, or both. With the advent of new surgical techniques and materials sinus augmentation has become a predictable and often minimally invasive treatment. The sinus portion of this presentation will focus on the classic lateral approach as well as the more modern internal or crestal approach using hydraulic, osseodensification, neurosurgical and piezoelectric technologies.


For narrow ridges in both the maxilla and mandible, bone augmentation has become quite predictable. The advent of ultrasonic tools has allowed for favorable healing in otherwise complex situations. Piezo assisted ridge expansion has become an advantageous solution as patients can receive augmentation as well as implant placement simultaneously. Using new tools such as expansion burs, ridge splitting, and bone expanders, these procedures can become a critical addition to the regenerative surgical practice.


  • Sinus and Ridge Expansion Hands on Exercises

    • Learn about the armamentarium needed to perform these procedures, surgical kits for bone and sinus as well as expansion drills

    • Learn how to utilize autologous growth factors

    • All procedures will be shown on video and practical hands-on training will be performed on models/ specimens including piezo surgery, osseodensification drills

Moussa-GBR Days: Nov 19-20 

  • Hard Tissue Topics to be covered:

  • Principles of bone augmentation

  • Defect classification

  • Graft materials and membranes

  • Armamentarium

  • Flap management and suturing

  • Autogenous bone harvest

  • Titanium mesh technique

  • GBR with resorbable barriers

  • Ridge expansion/splitting protocols

  • Bone blocks and plates

  • Decision tree for defect management

  • Complications


​Course Description:

Bone augmentation can be a very challenging area of implant dentistry. Procedures are very technique sensitive and the complications can be severe. This course will offer an advanced hard tissue augmentation review. Principles involved in bone grafting will first be reviewed along with pertinent didactic information. Focus will be shed on a few techniques that will be thoroughly presented. Clinical cases will be presented to outline the decision making process involved in procedure planning. This will be followed with hands-on exercises to implement the presented information


  • Hard Tissue Hands on Training:

  1. -Labial flap release

  2. -Lingual flap release

  3. -Titanium mesh technique

  4. -GBR with resorbable barrier

  5. -Double layer suturing

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