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Soft Tissue Management around Teeth & Dental Implants

Faculty: Dr. Ehab Guirges

April 29-30 Toronto 2023

CE Points: 12

Location:  660 Petrolia Rd., North York, ON M3J 2P4

AGD Subject Code: 690

Breakfast, Break and Lunch Included


Limited Seating Hands on Course

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Soft Tissue Management around Teeth and Dental Implants

Soft Tissue Topics to be covered:

  • Soft tissue requirements for teeth and dental implants

  • Diagnosis and classification of soft tissue defects

  • Materials, grafts, and armamentarium

  • Decision making in soft tissue grafting

  • Suturing and importance of microsurgery

Harvesting techniques for autogenous tissue:

  1. Connective tissue harvest from palate

  2. Free gingival graft harvest from palate

  3. Tuberosity harvest

  4. Harvesting from retromolar area and edentulous ridges

Techniques for treatment of recession:

  1. Coronally advanced flap for single teeth

  2. Coronally advanced flap for multiple teeth

  3. Tunneling procedures

  4. Free gingival grafts

Techniques for mucogingival deficiencies:

  1. Apically positioned flaps

  2. Vestibuloplasty

  3. Free gingival graft/strip techniques

Techniques for volume deficiencies:

  1. VISTA flaps with CTG

  2. Tunnel approaches with CTG

  3. Roll flap and modifications


  • Post-operative care and medications

  • Complications and management


​Course Description:


Success in restorative and implant dentistry is highly dependent on soft tissue health. This course will first review the determinants that are necessary to establish mucogingival health and stability. This will be followed by a review of the diagnosis, treatment planning, and decision making process for managing different soft tissue defects around teeth and implants.

A focus will then be made on the different techniques involved in soft tissue harvest and grafting around teeth and implants. This will be done didactically first followed by hands-on exercises to implement these techniques.

Participants who complete this course should be able to diagnose, plan and treat a variety recession and mucogingival deficiency cases.

  • Soft Tissue Hands on Training:

  1. Microsurgical suturing exercises

  2. Harvest of autogenous tissue from palate and tuberosity

  3. Apically positioned flaps

  4. Free gingival graft

  5. Coronally advanced flaps

  6. Tunneling techniques

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Dr. Ehab Guirges

  • Dr. Guirges obtained his Bachelors degree in dentistry from Alexandria University, Egypt. He then joined his father in a specialty practice focusing on dental implant rehabilitation. In 2012 Dr. Guirges joined the periodontics fellowship program at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Following which he pursued a Masters degree and residency in periodontics at CWRU.

  • In 2016 Dr. Guirges joined the implant restoration fellowship program at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He currently maintains a full time position in private practice limited to periodontal surgery and dental implant rehabilitation.

  • Dr Guirges has lectured nationally and internationally on topics that include; Hard and soft tissue augmentation around implants, periodontal-plastic surgery, and immediate implant placement strategies.

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