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The Leader Mindset

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

As we start back up in Ontario , I hope everyone is safe and had a productive time off. I often get doctors that private message me and ask how did you learn or get into implant dentistry and truthfully the answer is not so so simple. It is not one single course, textbook or resource I have used but the cumulation of knowledge that I have learned and continue to learn from surrounding myself with strong leaders and mentors.

Find a good leader/mentor and surround yourself with positive people

I think whether your journey is surgical based or ortho or prostho, it's important to find an area of dentistry you are truly passionate about and follow through. For myself, I fell in love with perio/implants since I was exposed to this aspect through my father in law who had been involved with dental implants since the original endopore implant system (also a U of Toronto research based project if you did not know !). Once you find that passion, I think it's important to look back at your evolution as a clinician and if you are not growing in a focus specific area (soft tissue, prostho, perio, implants) then set a target in mind of one technique or skill you will learn to implement during this next year.

As much as I believe strongly in the community group online of over 12K members , in addition to our online courses, I think a strong hands on component course in a group setting is invaluable. I am always available for any questions you may have about how to get on the right path.

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