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Lowered Expectations- Patient Management

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Lowered Patient Expecations

If any of you are old enough, you may have seen a funny skit on the show MADTV called lowered expectations. While the premise was pretty funny, it involved a dating show where participants had really low expectations of what they were looking for in a dating partner. If you haven't seen it before, i would recommend to check it out on youtube.

How does this relate to patient management and dental implant treatment? I think it is fairly similar. In fact , dental implant treatment is more like a MARRIAGE FOR LIFE to our patients rather than dating. Like it or not, you would want to know as much about that person or patient prior to initiating in treatment or patient relationship.

It's important to understand what brought them here in the first place, was it decay and pain? financial barriers to treatment or something else that has finally been able to get them to come today. Some patients do not have an issue in your recommended care, and some will never return after treatment despite your recommendations. Its very important to convey to patients that this is a relationship that needs effort from both sides.

Do dental implants last forever?

I often get this question asked to me. Patients are under the impression that treatment with dental implants should last an X period of time. Although a red flag, I convey to patients that their original teeth that did not last their lifetime broke or were removed. This is a MAN MADE OBJECT that in some patients has been studied for up to 30-40 years. With proper care it MAY last this long but everyone is different, sometimes our health changes , we get older, we need to go on certain medications that may change our health, so we cannot predict what will happen.

MY PROMISE: I will do my best to help you along the way but it is a team effort, meaning you must follow my recommendations for ongoing care. It is all about lowered expectations. Remember dental implants are a marriage. Find out as much information about your patient before initiating treatment including their motivation for care.

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