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The Immediate Course

Anterior+Posterior Zone Applications

This course will provide the attendee with an in-depth review of immediate implants with a focus on anterior and posterior zones of the mouth including a hands on component.

Faculty: Dr. Mark Bishara 

Feb 18, 2022 TORONTO

Limited Seating Hands on Course

**Must have valid Ontario License for Optional Live Surgery

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Learn about application in the esthetic zone

Hands on: Anterior+Posterior Zone

Learn about Immediate Molars

Tips+ Tricks to maximize your success

Learn about application in Full Arch

Course Description:
This course will focus on applications of immediate dental implants in the critical esthetic zone and also the posterior zone including immediate molar dental implants. A hands on component will focus on techniques used to achieve success in each of these critical zones.


Attendees will also be able to attend an optional 2nd day with a focus on performing surgery on their own patient.

Course Objectives:

- Understanding the concepts behind immediate dental implants

- Being able to adequately select the cases eligible to perform immediate dental implants

- Being able to assess and establish risk on eligible cases

- Managing complications

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Dr. Mark Bishara completed his undergraduate studies in medical biophysics, at the University of Western Ontario and was a gold medal recipient as top graduate of his program. He went on to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Since graduating, he practices in the Durham region with a focus on digital workflow, dental implants, bone grafting material regeneration and tissue regeneration. He currently collaborates with members of the Miron Lab in the United States on tissue regeneration utilizing Platelet Rich Fibrin(PRF). He is a published author on PRF , immediate dental implants and clinical applications. He is the President and founder of the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network (CIDN), Canada’s largest dental implant community with over 13,000 members focused on advancing implant dentistry . He can be reached at


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