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Updated: Jan 8, 2023

When I started to restore implants , i was always of the mindset to wait 4-6 months for every case I would place.

it didn’t matter if it was in soft bone, hard bone , grafted bone. I would wait and do the usual tests we were taught like tapping on implant , Visual checks for integration and X-ray examination. I will be very honest there was 1 or 2 cases that would appear radiographically integrated and really were not .

i started to investigate into tools that can help with determining when I can return for implant restoration and seeing if I can also return quicker , not having to wait an arbitrary period of time .

we are all familiar with primary stability and mechanical purpose of the threads around the implant in ensuring lack of micro-motion during healing. As the bone around the implant heals , perhaps if we had high stability we can return sooner for restoration? After all , if mechanical stability is high at placement time and secondary stability starts to take over , why not return in 2-3 months ?

ISQ or implant stability quotient helps to determine the lateral stability of your implant. Instead of relying on torque values only which is rotational force of threads cutting of implants , we can get a better overall view of stability of implant and whether it’s ready to restore .

I started to take ISQ scores on every case . At placement time and restorative phase . If I felt the ISQ score was high at placement and high in as little as 2 months I sometimes can return to begin restoring my case . This means no guess work for me anymore and ultimately greater patient satisfaction. I use the penguin isq unit but ostell also sells a unit . Interested to learn more about these technologies and applying them in your practice ?

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Case is ready to restore after taking ISQ Score

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