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The digital pathway

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Hi everyone. I wanted to write this blog as an introduction to the digital game. Having been introduced to digital scanning 9 years ago, with the iTero 2nd generation, I believe this technology is here to stay.

Currently I am on to the use of imedit and Trios 3 Scanners in practice with excellent results. Digital scanning can be used for a variety of tasks from single crowns, bridges to full arch implant dentistry.

Tissue Markers help for scanner to scan in large edentulous areas

I no longer have to worry about a perfect impression on multiple teeth, as the ability to erase and rescan a segment is possible. I believe that now is a perfect time to jump into the digital world as scanner costs have come down significantly.

Lets jump into a review of the Trios scanner and some commentary:

The Trios 3 sits as top of the scanners in the market due to speed and efficiency of the software. All scanners produce standardized files that may be opened in various design softwares by the lab you work with. Some nice features of of the latest Trios software upgrades include an AI feature that manages to remove extra artifacts from your scan with ease. In addition, scanning of edentulous spans or palatal tissue has become easier. You have to remember that a scanner in essence captures thousands of continuous photos or snapshots which create the 3D mesh. In cases of edentulous spaces, the scanner can get confused as the tissue can look identical. Some tricks and methods to allow for such scans involves placing markers (flowable or markers) on the tissue to allow for recognition of those tissue spans.

The Trios 3 has a monthly fee which can be a hinderance for some dentists, although the software ease for me makes it a winner.

Scanners , What to choose?

The other scanners in practice we use are the imedit500. These are machines with no monthly subscription fee and slowly catching up in software ease and efficiency. Keep in mind I have found that the scanning tips do wear out quicker versus the Trios 3 and may need replacement sooner although a newer version of the scanning tip has come out which is supposed to perform better. This is another excellent scanner with alot of bells and whistles in the software but for newbies the customization features may be a bit confusing. I would compare the ease of use of the Trios and medit like Apple versus Samsung.

Entry way into digital scanning also requires a high end PC. These can be a laptop or desktop and often require a powerful graphics card for 3d image processing. Manufacture recommendations are great and there are a number of excellent systems on the market. Do not skimp out on storage space as these files can get large over time.

So Where do you begin on your journey ? What Scanners are BEST?

Stay tuned for the next blog

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