Welcome to the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network


Hello, I’m Dr. Mark Bishara founder of the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network.


I started this network as an extension of my passion for implant dentistry. As I began my journey in implant education I found that once I was back in the office using these new skills and techniques it was a challenge to know where to turn to when I had questions, complications, or needed advise.


My network was born from this desire to share knowledge, learn and improve through collaboration with others. The goal was to bring the best and latest in dental implant research, studies and case presentations to my Canadian colleagues. 


We offer great speakers and courses from worldwide experts on a variety of topics including soft tissue grafting, digital dentistry and full arch implant treatment. For ongoing support, our facebook group is the hub of communication where doctors can openly share questions, tips, cases and collaborate on treatment planning. 


In just a short span of time we are already at over 13 THOUSAND members. Join me as we make this Canada’s largest online dental community for implant dentistry.